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Friday, July 6, 2007

Ode to the Lunatic Driver

Ode to the Lunatic Driver

You, in your throbbing muffler, tinted-window
You, criss-crossing through traffic in
the ever hopeful event that
you will arrive
two seconds
before me.

Oh, lunatic driver
your dangerous, veering moves to get one inch
closer, closer, closer
to your final destination
have me fearing for my life
and hoping—
hoping, hoping, hoping
you’ll end up in a ditch with a $400 ticket
from a thick, muscular police officer
who, taking offence to your attitude,
hits you with his Mag light.

Karma, lunatic driver, must catch up
Eventually.Posted Speed Limit: 55

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Tetchy: (Pronunciation: 'te-chE)
irritably or peevishly sensitive